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10 Ways and Means : Trading with the Enemy
Trading between the North and South continued behind the lines throughout the Civil War , sparking a variety of problems including widespread antisemitism .
By Roger Lowenstein
14 Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
The influence of religious beliefs on modern Western economics has been profound and remains important today .
By Benjamin M . Friedman
18 When WPPSS Went Whoops
In 1983 , the Washington Public Power Supply System defaulted on $ 2.25 billion worth of bonds , making it the nation ’ s largest municipal bankruptcy .
By Michael A . Martorelli
23 Forging the US Mint from the Words of Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton ’ s “ Report on the Establishment of a Mint ” was an integral element of his financial revolution , which continues to impact the US economy today .
By Eric Brothers
28 In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio
A brief history of investments , from Sumerian times to today .
By Andrew Lo and Stephen Foerster
32 Treasury Truisms
Examining America ’ s first experience with a steeply progressive income tax .
By Daniel C . Munson


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