Financial History Issue 113 (Spring 2015) | Page 41

HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FINANCIAL HISTORY? WALL STREET WALKS TRIVIAQUIZ By Bob Shabazian  1. What is the name of the 1896 series of currency considered by collectors to be the most beautiful paper money ever produced by the US government?  2. How many states still impose both an estate and an inheritance tax?  3. Who was the first female officer of the Federal Reserve?  4. How many times did the S&P 500 close at a record high in 2014?  5. Who is the only “real” woman to have her portrait appear on US paper money?  6. What state has the highest minimum wage?  7. In what year did the US government stop issuing all notes larger than $100?  8. What founding father will be featured in a Broadway musical beginning in July? Wall Street Walks takes visitors through the historic capital of world finance — the one-square-mile of downtown Manhattan known as “Wall Street.” Our visitors learn about people, places and events comprising over 200 years of history, as they walk among locations where it all happened.  9. What bank was founded by the Mormon Church? 10. What company raised a record $25 billion via its IPO in 2014? • Regular public tours daily, except Sunday. • Group and private tours available. Proud walking tour partner of the Museum of American Finance. 1. The Educational Series  2. Two states: New Jersey and Maryland  3. Madeline McWhinney  4. 52  5. Martha Washington  6. Washington ($9.47 per hour)  7. 1969  8. Alexander Hamilton  9. Zions Bancorporation  10. The Alibaba Group CONTACT: 212-666-0175 (office) 212-209-3370 (ticket hotline)  |  Spring 2015  |  FINANCIAL HISTORY  39