Financial History Issue 116 (Winter 2016) | Page 24

Abraham Lincoln President Abraham Lincoln was the first historic figure to be depicted on a circulating coin issued by the US Mint. The decision to include him on the 1909 cent designed by Victor D. Brenner reflects his position as a symbol of national unity and stability 6 and 7  . Lincoln has also been featured on US paper money. CULTURAL MESSAGES Language and Multiculturalism The languages used on money convey a message about the community for which the currency is intended. Among the earliest bilingual coins are the Indo-Greek drachms from about 160 BCE in modern Afghanistan and Pakistan. They feature both Greek and the Kharoshthi script, used to write an Indian language 8  . This reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity in the region. Many modern notes feature multiple languages and more than one script, such as the 500 ruble note from the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic script 9  . Drachm coin, Bactria, circa 160 BCE. Donated by Raymond and Meryem Hebert. 8 500 ruble note, Republic of Azerbaijan, 1920. Donated by The Chase Manhattan Bank. 9 6 One cent coin, United States, 1909. Donated by Frederic A. Delano 22    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Winter 2016  | 7 Abraham Lincoln plaque by Victor D. Brenner, United States, circa 1907. Donated by US Department of the Treasury.