Financial History Issue 116 (Winter 2016) | Page 3

Purchase your copy at newbook Genealogy of American Finance By Robert E. Wright and Richard Sylla Foreword by Charles M. Royce “Genealogy of American Finance is a treasure trove of information on American banking and its history, in an unusual — and unusually useful — format.” — John Steele Gordon, author of Empire of Wealth An immersive history of 50 major American banks and their transformation of the nation into a leading world power. In this gorgeously illustrated hardcover book — published by the Museum of American Finance and Columbia Business School Publishing — readers learn how 50 financial corporations came to dominate the US banking system, shaping the nation’s political, social and economic growth along the way. A story that spans more than two centuries of war, crisis and exciting promise, this account reminds readers that American banking was never a fixed enterprise but has evolved in tandem with the fits and starts of the country. A key text for navigating the complex terrain of American finance, this volume draws a fascinating family tree for projecting the future of a nation.