Financial History Issue 116 (Winter 2016) | Page 7

MUSEUM NEWS   THE TICKER On November 19, more than 250 members and guests attended the opening of the Museum’s new exhibit, “Worth Its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up.” Special guests included renowned jewelry artist Sidney Mobell, creator of the solid gold Monopoly set and 17 other works in the exhibit, many of which are on loan from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Harold Closter, director of Smithsonian Affiliations, also attended the opening and delivered remarks, highlighting two dozen objects on loan from three Smithsonian museums including a duplicate of the “Sounds of Earth” gold record created for the two Voyager spacecraft, on loan from the National Air & Space Museum. “Worth Its Weight” is the Museum’s largest exhibit to date, occupying three galleries and featuring hundreds of objects on loan from more than 40 public and private collections around the world. In addition to the Smithsonian, other lenders in attendance at the opening included representatives from the Tiffany & Co. Archives, the Yeshiva University Museum, the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and Heraeus, as well as numerous individual lenders and contemporary jewelry designer Marla Aaron, whose work is featured in the ex X