Financial History Issue 127 (Fall 2018) | Page 12

THE TICKER  MUSEUM NEWS TRIVIA QUIZ HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FINANCIAL HISTORY?  1. What phrase was printed on early American currency as an anti- counterfeiting device?  2. What famous American inventor and diplomat also designed and printed currency in the 18th century?  3. What document is considered to be the financial equivalent of the US Constitution?  4. According to the 1792 Treasury Department Circular, the US State Department had a staff of five and the US Department of War had a staff of three. How many staff members did the US Treasury Department have that year?  5. Who did President Thomas Jefferson appoint as Secretary of the Treasury in 1801?  6. What country was home to the world’s first documented commercial oil well?  7. What is the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948 more commonly known as?  8. At what 1896 event did William Jennings Bryan publicly declare, “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!” 10. At what age did Warren Buffett make his first investment? 10    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Fall 2018  | 1. Death to counterfeit  2. Benjamin Franklin  3. Alexander Hamilton’s Report on the Public Credit  4. 53  5. Albert Gallatin  6. Canada  7. The Marshall Plan  8. The Democratic National Convention  9. Dollar General  10. 11  9. What NYSE-listed retail company was founded in Scottsville, Kentucky, in 1939?