Financial History Issue 119 (Fall 2016) | Page 6

THE TICKER  MUSEUM NEWS A Look Back, A Look Ahead As we look back on 2016, there were many milestone moments for the Museum, including our largest exhibit, Worth its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up; our largest Gala, with over 425 attendees; and our largest financial donation, a final gift from our founder, John Herzog. As we finalize this issue of our magazine, we also want to applaud our Board Secretary of the Treasury and President of Harvard University, who will receive the Whitehead Award; and Joe Ricketts, Founder of TD Ameritrade and owner of the world champion Chicago Cubs, who will accept the Charles Schwab Financial Innovation Award. The Gala is our main fundraiser and a great opportunity for our members and friends to support the Museum at this critical juncture. The Gold exhibit will close at the end of the year and will be replaced in early 2017 with David J. Cowen  |  President and CEO three smaller exhibits. The first will feature the history Chairman, Professor Richard Sylla, for of Wall Street architecture; many thanks his latest book, Alexander Hamilton: The to our friends at the Skyscraper Museum Illustrated Biography. Dick has studied for their assistance in developing this Hamilton his entire life and is the perfect exhibit. The second will feature dozens author for this beautiful book. You can see of custom Lucite deal toys, which are the a preview on page 16 of this magazine, and memorabilia from equity or debt financthe book will make a great holiday gift for ing of companies. The third, called “Hamthe Hamilton enthusiast on your list. ilton’s Crew,” will showcase artifacts and Our evening lecture series continues documents from the significant historic to feature well-known members of the figures that are featured in the Broadway financial community. Our final event of show. the 2016 season will be on November 30, The individuals profiled in this exhibit when world renowned economist Kenneth are the Marquis de Lafayette, John LauRogoff will discuss his latest book, The rens, Hercules Mulligan, Thomas JefferCurse of Cash. Rogoff is the Thomas D. son, James Madison, Elizabeth Schuyler Cabot Professor of Public Policy at HarHamilton, Angelica Schuyler Church and, vard University and was often in the public of course, Aaron Burr. The Burr section of spotlight as the former Chief Economist at the exhibit will feature one of the Musethe International Monetary Fund (IMF). um’s most exciting recent acquisitions, Here now is a preview of 2017. We which is a letter signed by Burr and dated start with our Gala on February 1, which March 19, 1804. It refers to the April 1804 will feature two deserving honorees: the New York gubernatorial election. Burr honorable Lawrence H. Summers, former lost that election and later took umbrage Message to Members NOV 5 1999 US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson finds that Microsoft is a monopoly, and the US Justice Department plans to enforce the breakup of the company. 4    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Fall 2016  | The Museum recently acquired this letter, signed by Aaron Burr, regarding the 1804 New York gubernatorial election. to comments which Hamilton made about him, and that led to the famous duel. We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine, the second to be produced in a fully-digital format. We encourage you to share the issue widely with your friends and colleagues, and to subscribe for free online. While many of us still miss the printed magazine, one of the main benefits of a digital edition is the ability to share it much more easily, and at no cost to our readers. We look forward to seeing many of you at our programs, events and exhibits in 2017. And we thank you, as always, for your continued support of the Museum and for your enthusiasm for our mission.  NOV 10 1494 Corporate balance sheets and income statements trace their heritage to this day, as the first edition of Luca Pacioli’s Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita is printed in Venice.