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MoAF Featured in Hamilton ’ s America Documentary

On October 21 , PBS premiered Hamilton ’ s America , one of the most eagerly-anticipated films of the year . The documentary follows the development of the Broadway hit “ Alexander Hamilton : An American Musical ” from its roots in 2008 through 2016 , weaving Hamilton ’ s life story with that of the show ’ s creator and star , Lin- Manuel Miranda .
The Museum began working with Alex Horwitz , the film ’ s director ( and Miranda ’ s college roommate ), on the documentary in 2014 . The segment featuring the Museum can be seen towards the end of the film , as the show ’ s stars Miranda ( Alexander Hamilton ) and Leslie Odom , Jr . ( Aaron Burr ) read aloud letters exchanged between Hamilton and Burr from the Museum ’ s collection that led up to the duel in which Hamilton was killed .
David Cowen , the Museum ’ s president , discusses the significance of these letters and allows the actors to hold the replica dueling pistols on display in the Alexander Hamilton Room . The scene culminates with Miranda and Odom , Jr . reenacting the duel alongside statues of the historical figures they portray in the show . The dueling statues had been on loan to the Museum for several years from the New-York Historical Society before being moved to The Public Theater , where “ Hamilton ” premiered .
Keen observers will notice the Museum ’ s grand mezzanine exhibit hall was also the backdrop for the interview with former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson , shown earlier in the film .
For those who missed Hamilton ’ s America when it originally aired , it can be viewed in its entirety on PBS ’ s Great Performances website at : http :// www . pbs . org / wnet / gperf / hamiltonfullfilm / 5801 /.
Actors Lin-Manuel Miranda ( Hamilton ) and Leslie Odom , Jr . ( Burr ) re-enact the duel in the Museum gallery for the PBS documentary .
Deputy Director Kristin Aguilera and Dave White at the gala premier of Hamilton ’ s America .
NOV 12
President Bill Clinton signs into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act , which essentially repeals the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 .
NOV 13
The first telephones are installed on the trading floor of the NYSE , just over two years after Alexander Graham Bell invents them .
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